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Our Songs.  Scroll Down To Play and/or Download Songs.

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  1. Back Porch Livin’ (All Vocals by Brian Jarrett)

  2. Love Story (Instrumental)

  3. In Her Eyes (Vocals - Jimmy Caviness and Audrey St. Clair)

  4. The Gathering North (Instrumental)

  5. Honey Britches (Vocals - Roger Perkins)

  6. Hourglass (Instrumental)

  7. Should I Follow (Vocals - Rick Wright and Roger Perkins)

  8. Spanish Fly (Vocals - John Amoroso and Audrey St. Clair)

  9. Soliloquy (Instrumental)

All Guitar – Rick Wright, Bass Guitar – Roger Perkins, Drums and Percussion – Ike Thurston.


We would like to thank all the local talent above for participating in this project that resonate, within the Cumming, GA music scene.


All Songs written by Rick Wright, except Honey Britches Lyrics, written by Roger Perkins.  Special thanks to Kathy and Paige!


Production and Mixing by Rick Wright and Roger Perkins at Cavern A Studio.                 Dedicated to Uncle Dan Alix

                             Logo and Cover Design by Nick Osking

                             Copyright 2019

Streaming available on all major streaming sites:

Music Videos -

We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy creating it! 

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